Laura Spithoven - GZ-psychologist

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Laura is a healthcare psychologist at iPractice. She attaches great value to an open, equal working relationship in which you feel safe and everything can be shared. She applies different methodologies tailored to your request for help. Providing insight into underlying emotions, needs and mechanisms and understanding them by means of experiential interventions can play an important role in the therapy.

You can contact Laura for, among other things, anxiety, depression, burnout and trauma-related problems. In her treatments she uses methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EMDR, Imaginary Exposure (IE) and transdiagnostic interventions for emotional disorders.

Laura graduated in Clinical Psychology at the University of Groningen and completed her health care post-master (RCSW Nijmegen) at the Dimence Group. She has knowledge of a wide variety of psychological problems through her practical experience in various specialised mental health care institutions and rehabilitation care.

Laura provides treatment in Dutch, English and possibly Spanish.