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Carlos Hoogenboom - GZ-psychologist

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Carlos Hoogenboom is a Healthcare Psychologist at iPractice. Within the framework of a safe and relaxed working relationship, we first examine what your obstacles currently are. During the treatment process you will become more aware of your pitfalls and you will learn to make the most of your strengths and skills. For this Carlos uses ACT, CBT and EMDR techniques, depending on the nature of the problem. As a result, clients usually notice that they learn to deal with painful emotions and thoughts in a more flexible way, so that they are no longer obstacles. This leaves more room and attention for what you find important.

Carlos studied clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam and specialized as a healthcare psychologist at the VUmc. Afterwards he developed into a broadly trained generalist in Basic Mental Health Care. Carlos has an affinity with trauma-related disorders, medical psychology and intercultural problems. Besides psychology, his interests lie in art, sports and literature. He treats in both Dutch and English.