Erna van der Roest – Kokke - GZ-psychologist

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Erna Kokke is a GZ psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapist at iPractice. She works with evidence-based therapy methods such as ACT and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and regularly uses EMDR in her treatments. She also uses schema therapy interventions and, if desired, involves people from your environment in the therapy. For example, the partner.
Erna works from an open and accepting basic attitude towards predetermined goals. Central to her treatments is regaining control, regaining balance and learning to cope with life’s challenges. Erna treats anxiety, OCD, trauma, depression, burnout, sense of purpose, self-image problems, mild personality problems and ADHD.
Erna has long-term experience in both the Specialized Mental Health Care and the Generalized Basic Mental Health Care in which she has enjoyed working the last few years. She gives treatments in Dutch and English.