Eline is a Healthcare Psychologist at iPractice. In the treatment she likes to work in a complaint- and goal-oriented way. She sees her treatments as a joint effort. Together with you, she investigates how the complaints are limiting you in your daily life, what the (underlying) core of the problem is and what is needed to make improvements. In the treatment she tries to create a pleasant and safe atmosphere, in which there is also room for some small talk or humor from time to time.

You can contact Eline for various psychological issues, such as anxiety and depression and underlying themes such as self-image and perfectionism. Eline uses evidence-based treatment methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, solution-focused therapy and Interpersonal Therapy.

Eline graduated in clinical psychology from Leiden University. She followed the GZ training at the Rino in Amsterdam and has been training as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist since 2019. Eline also works part-time in elderly care, where she guides people with dementia and their care teams.