Janneke attaches great importance to safety and trust in the treatment relationship. As a therapist she is open, curious and analytical and she will search with you for the coherence of complaints with certain themes, life stages and events.

You can come to Janneke for psychological complaints such as anxiety and somberness, trauma-related complaints and themes such as self-image and autonomy. She uses scientifically supported methods such as CBT, EMDR and EFT.

Janneke also likes to think about the connection between physical/neurobiological disorders and psychological problems. Furthermore, she approaches the issues in a broader way and involves the system or possibly the partner in the treatment if this can be useful.

Janneke obtained her master’s degree in the field of neuropsychology at the UvA. After that she trained as a GZ-psychologist while working at the OLVG. She then had her own practice for 10 years and combined this with work as a practice support worker at various general practices in Amsterdam. She also worked in a nursing home.