Bregje has many years of experience of helping clients with all kinds of psychological issues including depression, various types of anxiety, burnout, unprocessed memories, self-image problems, perfectionism and personality disorders.

Bregje is a Healthcare Psychologist at iPractice. She believes it is essential to create a safe, kind atmosphere where you can really be yourself. She will work together with you to explore the factors which may be influencing your symptoms as well as identifying your strengths and problem areas. From this basis, you can work together to decide what you need to focus on and how your treatment should proceed.

Bregje works with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy, Solution-Oriented Therapy and Positive Psychology. She will spend time talking to you as well as practising emotion and behaviour exercises with you. Thanks to the iPractice concept, she can work with colleagues during the periods between sessions and will always keep in close contact with you. This results in a more intensive therapy programme and will help you get back on track more quickly.