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iPractice Groningen is a psychology practice where you can quickly get help with psychological difficulties. Our reimbursed care is available both online and offline, ensuring minimal waiting times. Struggling to manage on your own? We’re here to help. Get in touch or speak directly with a psychologist:

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Mental health conditions that our psychologists in Groningen treat

You can come to iPractice with your mental health complaints. Are you suffering from signs of trauma or difficulty processing grief? Or stress at work? Maybe you are walking around with psychological difficulties that negatively influence your daily life, consciously or unconsciously. It may help to talk to a psychologist.


At iPractice we will discuss with you how we can help you with your struggles. In the overview below you can find more information about the mental health conditions we treat;

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Waiting times

At iPractice, we aim to schedule intake appointments within two weeks. After the intake, you can immediately continue your treatment without any further waiting.


In Groningen, the waiting time: ~3 three days.


This waiting time refers to the period until your first pre-intake interview with one of our psychologists. After the intake phase, you can proceed directly with your treatment.


For the pre-intake, we ask you to fill out an online questionnaire so our psychologists can better assist you during the first conversation.

Meet our psychologists in Groningen

Jacqueline Tolhoek
Marianne Hof
Vera Bonekamp
Keri Mans

Read the reviews from our clients

(Translated by Google) My experience is that I was understood, that I was taken seriously, that it was explained very clearly to me the mechanism underlying my complaints. The overall picture was outlined very clearly. That made me feel like I wasn't 'crazy'. I had the feeling that I was in charge and that the psychologists showed me the way. The treatment was very targeted, effective and efficient. Fortunately, I am not stuck with long-term therapies for years. I also liked that I could contact a psychologist online at any time. So I didn't have to wait until the next appointment with my question. An online appointment helped me out at that moment and ensured that I could get back on track faster. I am really very grateful to them for this help. I find it exciting, but I dare to stand on my own two feet again. (Original) Mijn ervaring is dat ik werd begrepen, dat ik serieus werd genomen, dat me heel duidelijk werd uitgelegd welk mechanisme ten grondslag lag aan mijn klachten. Het totaalplaatje werd heel duidelijk geschetst. Dat gaf me het gevoel dat ik niet ‘gek’ was. Ik had het gevoel dat ik zelf aan het roer stond en dat de psychologen me de weg wezen. De behandeling was heel doelgericht, effectief en efficiënt. Gelukkig zit ik niet jaren lang vast aan langdurige therapieën. Ik vond het ook fijn dat ik op ieder moment online contact kon opnemen met een psycholoog. Dat ik dus niet hoefde te wachten met mijn vraag tot de volgende afspraak. Een online afspraak hielp me op dat moment uit de brand en zorgde er voor dat ik sneller de draad weer op kon pakken. Ik ben ze echt heel erg dankbaar voor deze hulp. Ik vind het spannend maar durf wel weer op eigen benen te staan.
(Translated by Google) I have been treated here for my burn out and the traumas I suffered in security. Together with my 2 psychologists from Ipractice, we looked at how I could deal with it. They have given me many tools to help me determine which methods would suit me best. We had planned 20 sessions and in the end I only needed 12 and everything went very quickly. This allows me to face the future positively and to become myself again. (Original) Ik ben hier in behandeling geweest voor mijn burn out en de trauma's die ik opgelopen had in de beveiliging. Samen met mijn 2 psychologen van Ipractice hebben we gekeken naar hoe ik ermee om zou kunnen gaan. Zo hebben ze me veel handvaten gevene om samen met mij te kijken welke manieren het beste bij me zou passen. We hadden 20 sessies ervoor ingepland en uiteindelijk heb ik er maar 12 nodig gehad en is alles in een sneltreinvaart gegaan. Hierdoor kan ik weer positief de toekomst tegemoet en ben ik weer mezelf geworden.
They helped me a lot during my difficult times and always had answers to my questions , I feel good after very long time. I had available lot of supporting materials and communication in English was flawless.

Common treatments

CBT, ACT, EMDR, and mindfulness are common treatments. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is particularly effective for psychological symptoms such as trauma and anxiety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Do your thought patterns match reality, or are you imagining things that are not entirely true or helpful? Together with a psychologist, you will explore how to transform non-helpful thoughts or behaviors into realistic thoughts and positive actions.

See the complete overview of our treatments below. Together with a psychologist, you can determine which treatment best suits your symptoms.

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Quality Assurance of iPractice Psychologists

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ZorgKaart Nederland is the largest independent experience platform in healthcare. iPractice continuously improves its services with the valuable feedback from its clients.

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What about costs and insurance?

If you live and work in the Netherlands, you are required to arrange health insurance.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to find out together with you.

Frequently asked questions

How does therapy with 2 psychologists work?

At iPractice, we use “Blended Care. Blended Care means that you always work in a team with a consulting psychologist for in-depth discussions and an online psychologist for approachable contact and support.

Can my partner come to my sessions?

Yes, there is the possibility of involving a partner, family, friends or other loved ones. You will discuss this with your psychologist at the start or during your treatment.

Is the venue wheelchair friendly?

No, the venue is not wheelchair friendly.

How does iPractice handle personal data?

iPractice uses the Wire secure platform which documents the progress of your treatment. It is also used for your weekly conversations with the online psychologist.

Can I come back to iPractice in the future?

Certainly. We assess whether iPractice is suitable for your symptoms. If not, we will assist with the referral process.

Where can I park my car?

You can park in the area around the practice.

I have another question, where can I turn to?

Is the answer to your question not listed here? Check out our answers to general frequently asked questions here. Still haven’t found the answer to your question? Please contact us using the contact form below.

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