Sylvia is a Healthcare Psychologist at iPractice. She aims to create a safe therapeutic
environment. Sylvia is analytical, she wants to get to the heart of the problem. She sees therapy
as something you do together, together you work towards achieving your goals. She helps you
see what your strong points are and where there’s room for improvement, change.

She has experience with diverse complaints, such as depression, anxiety disorders, medically
unexplained complaints, self image, burn-out, perfectionism, setting boundaries and
communicating needs. She works with CBT, ACT, schema therapy, and gladly helps you
develop more self compassion, being kinder to yourself.

Sylvia studied psychology at the University of Leiden. She specialized as a Healthcare
Psychologist with the RINO Group. She can provide treatment in both Dutch and English. She
has experience with short-term treatments and has also worked at a rehabilitation center for
chronic pain.