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Do you keep experiencing mental health difficulties and can’t figure out what it is? Professional help can help. Together with a psychologist from iPractice Rotterdam we will talk to you and see if there is a click. Can’t figure it out by yourself? We are happy to help you. Get in touch with a psychologist or call us:

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Common mental health conditions we treat

The psychologists in Rotterdam can aid and provide support to your questions about your difficulties, such as sombreness, anxiety, self-image and trauma. Our psychologists create an open and safe space to talk about your needs and assist in creating the right treatment.

Below is an overview of a selection of the mental health conditions that we treat at iPractice.
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Waiting times

At iPractice, we strive to get everyone in for an intake within 2 weeks. After the intake you do not have to wait and you can immediately continue your treatment.


The waiting time in Rotterdam is ~ 3 days.


The above waiting time is the waiting time until the first pre-intake interview with one of our psychologists. After the intake phase you can proceed directly with your treatment.


For the pre-intake we ask you to fill in an online questionnaire, so our psychologists can help you already in the first conversation.

Meet our psychologists in Rotterdam

Anniek van Bebber
Minke Krapels
Britt Stoker
Hester van der Veen

Read reviews from our clients

(Translated by Google) I was referred to Ipractice by my GP with burnout complaints and additional panic attacks. The care I received was mainly focused on dealing with the panic attacks (and how I can think about them differently, etc.). Unfortunately this didn't help me. Only now that I have been to other healthcare providers do I understand that it is much wiser to look beyond just "dealing with the panic attacks", such as why the anxiety arose in the first place and to tackle the core of the burnout. Unfortunately, ipractice could not offer this. I personally did not benefit from the care at Ipractice. A shame about the deductible. 2 stars because the psychologists at ipractice are very nice, and the online coach system is also nice. (Original) Ik ben met burnoutklachten en bijkomende paniekaanvallen via de huisarts doorverwezen naar Ipractice. De zorg die ik kreeg was vooral gericht op het omgaan met de paniekaanvallen (en hoe ik hier anders over kan gaan denken etc.). Helaas heeft mij dit niet geholpen. Pas nu ik bij andere zorgverleners ben geweest, begrijp ik dat het veel verstandiger is verder te kijken dan alleen het “omgaan met de paniekaanvallen”, zoals waarom de angst überhaupt is ontstaan en de kern van de burnout aan te pakken. Dit kon ipractice helaas niet bieden. Ik heb persoonlijk niks gehad aan de zorg bij Ipractice. Zonde van het eigen risico. 2 sterren omdat de psychologen bij ipractice wel erg aardig zijn, en het systeem van een online coach is ook prettig.

Common treatments

Cognitive behavioral therapy, ACT and EMDR are common treatment methods at iPractice Rotterdam. For example, psychologist Anniek van Bebber has experience with symptoms such as stress, burn-out or anxiety and uses ACT as a form of treatment.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that helps you build resilience and better manage your problems. ACT encourages you to live more consciously and overcome inhibitions, enabling you to lead a more fulfilling life. ACT is used for depression, stress and burnout, among other conditions.
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Quality Assurance of iPractice Psychologists

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iPractice Rotterdam is rated on ZorgkaartNederland.

ZorgKaart Nederland is the largest independent experience platform in healthcare. iPractice continuously improves its services with the valuable feedback from its clients.

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What about costs and insurance?

If you live and work in the Netherlands, you are required to arrange health insurance.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to find out together with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does therapy with 2 psychologists work?

At iPractice, we use “Blended Care. Blended Care means that you always work in a team with a consulting psychologist for in-depth discussions and an online psychologist for approachable contact and support.

Can my partner come to my sessions?

Yes, there is the possibility of involving a partner, family, friends or other loved ones. You will discuss this with your psychologist at the start or during your treatment.

Is the venue wheelchair friendly?

No, the venue is not wheelchair friendly.

How does iPractice handle personal data?

iPractice uses the Wire secure platform which documents the progress of your treatment. It is also used for your weekly conversations with the online psychologist.

Can I come back to iPractice in the future?

Sure. We review whether iPractice is appropriate for your symptoms. If not, we will support in the referral.

Where can I park my car?

There is no possibility of free parking. You can pay parking in the street of the venue provided there is space available. There are several parking garages nearby, for example at the theater and Lijnbaan.

I have another question, where can I turn to?

Is the answer to your question not listed here? Check out our answers to general frequently asked questions here. Still haven’t found the answer to your question? Please contact us using the contact form below.

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