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iPractice – Your psychologist for daily life

iPractice is here for you, wherever and whenever you need it. We understand that your emotions won’t wait patiently in line, so you can contact your online psychologist whenever you need to. If you would like to go into more depth or reflect on something particular, you can opt for a chat in person, either online or at our practice. There are no waiting times at iPractice – our practice is automated wherever possible behind the scenes, ensuring that our psychologists have more time for you.

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A selection of our psychologists

carlos hoogenboom ipractice psycholoog

Carlos Hoogenboom


Psycholoog Nine Gramberg iPractice

Nine Gramberg


marielle van der meer ipractice psycholoog

Mariëlle van der Meer


Psycholoog Simone das Dores iPractice

Simone das Dores

Clinical Psychologist


Eline van Groeningen


eline van eechoud ipractice psycholoog

Eline van Eechoud


Psycholoog Milou Groenewoud iPractice

Milou Groenewoud



Tanner Scheltinga


Psychological treatments

What our clients have to say:

“The combination works well”

“The combination of consultations at the practice and the online app worked really well for me. During the sessions, we discussed the areas which I am struggling with and how I can find ways to handle them better. Online, I was given some practical tools as well as encouragement, which gave me the boost I needed.”

“Really convenient and enjoyable”

“The online consulting room worked well, giving me easy access to the exercises. The online guidance was the trigger I needed to consciously apply the treatment to my daily life. I felt listened to. It was a great support in handling the daily stresses of life. Really convenient and enjoyable!”

“Clear structure”

“Gijs helps me to create clear structure in my thoughts and emotions and knows exactly when he needs to be firm or understanding with me. The sessions are specific, practical and to the point and the explanations and tips are clear. There was always something for me to put into practice after each session. He has really helped me a lot.”

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