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Monique Zeinstra - GZ-psychologist

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Monique is a health care psychologist at iPractice. Monique values ​​open, honest and confidential contact. Together you will identify why and where you got stuck and more importantly, what is needed for you to get going again.

Monique has extensive experience in treating a variety of complaints such as; trauma, fear and depressive feelings, excessive worrying, stagnant mourning. She also has experience with problems that arise from a negative self-image. The treatment techniques she uses are EMDR, CBT, solution-focused therapy and ACT.

Monique graduated in orthopedagogical sciences at the VU in Amsterdam. Later she specialized as a health care psychologist at the RINO Utrecht (2012). She is currently training to become an EMDR practitioner. Monique gives treatment in Dutch and English.