Anna Bigot - psychologist

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Anna is a psychologist at iPractice. With her empathy, open attitude, and strong communication skills, she ensures that patients feel comfortable sharing their vulnerable stories.

As a therapist, she believes in people’s resilience and focuses on empowering patients, which is in line with the solution-oriented approach from iPractice. She considers it necessary that waiting times in the Mental Health Care sector are considerably shortened and that diagnoses are carefully communicated to patients. Patients should realize that diagnoses are based on standardized criteria and must be made for reimbursed care. However, each person is and remains unique!

Anna has completed her master’s degree in Health and Medical Psychology at Leiden University. She also taught a course named Cognitive Behavioural Interventions. She has gained clinical experience as a Medical Psychologist (in training) within the LUMC at the Cardiology Department.

Anna speaks Dutch, English, and French.