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What Does Therapy Look Like at iPractice?


To make our care as accessible as possible, and your treatment as effective as possible, we use Blended Care. This means that in addition to physical conversations with a psychologist, we also use online contact for your treatment. Accessible, high-quality psychological care without long waiting times.

iPractice Way of Working

Blended Care means that you always work in a team with a consulting psychologist for in-depth conversations and an online psychologist for approachable contact and support. At iPractice we believe in solution-focused work and especially believe in your resilience. Positive behavior change occurs on the basis of new insights and applying them. Therefore, during treatment we let you actively practice with the knowledge you gain.


1. Conversations with the consultation room psychologist

For the 45-minute consultations, we meet with you at one of the iPractice locations or online. The consulting psychologist will take all the time needed to go deeper with you. What exactly are the causes underlying your symptoms? What solutions are available? You always go home with more insight and often an exercise.


2. Conversations with the online psychologist

Between in-depth sessions, you’ll be in touch with your online psychologist via chat or video call. The online psychologist is there especially for approachable contact, sharing exercises and support in between.


Is something bothering you? Call your online psychologist directly to discuss what’s on your mind, or to have the exercise you were given explained to you again. Or just to answer a question you might have.


It is always possible to contact your psychologist directly via chat. You write or tell us what you are feeling and the impact this is having on you. Our psychologists respond during office hours. The online psychologists also encourage you to practice what you learn during your treatment. This way you can immediately put what you’ve learned into practice. You stay actively involved with your goals during weeks and practice new behaviors.


And of course, the online psychologist is also there to celebrate successes with you!



Halfway through your treatment you will have an evaluation. Before this session, you fill out a questionnaire. During the session you look back at your goals together with the consulting psychologist. What have you already achieved in the past sessions and what is the focus in the remaining sessions?


Final consultation

The last two weeks of treatment are about evaluating your treatment program and creating a relapse prevention plan. You create this plan together with the online psychologist. At the end of your treatment program you will be confident enough to continue with the tools provided. During the final interview the entire treatment will be evaluated.


Combine face-to-face conversations with online contact

Face-to-face conversations

For more in-depth sessions

Frequent online contact

Help with everyday issues via chat and video calls

100% online also possible

Conversations can also take place online via video calling

Do you need help?

Are you feeling uncomfortable and can’t figure it out? Talking to a psychologist can be a solution. Whether it’s a difficult period at work, a particular anxiety, depression, trauma or a sleeping problem.

publish-icon Published - 23 Sep 2021
Combining on-site in-depth and reflective conversations, with personal online conversations, we have no waitinglist, you can get started right away!
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