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Published on Feb 13, 2024

“Letting things go is easier now and I have more focus”.

Kim, 24, had been suffering from anxiety and ruminating thoughts for some time. These were affecting her daily life. The thoughts and anxiety were taking over and making her irritable. Through her family doctor, she came to iPractice for therapy.


Things were going bad more often than going well

I had been suffering from anxiety for a while and I worried a lot. At one point things were going bad more often than going well. The anxiety and ruminating thoughts took over. I noticed that this was affecting my daily life. My mood got worse and I was irritable. I was preoccupied with my thoughts more than I needed to be.


“Accepting that the divorce was not my fault was very difficult for me”

The anxiety and rumination were also related to my parents’ divorce. I had more questions about the divorce than I had answers. This made me very restless. Similarly, I kept insisting that it was my fault. These feelings of guilt kept going through my head. Accepting that the divorce was not my fault was very difficult for me.


“Imaginary rescripting was very valuable to me”

My treatment consisted of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and elements of schema therapy, such as imaginary rescripting. The most important thing I learned during my treatment was to look at the situation differently. How things can be different.


Through imaginary rescripting, I went back to situations and how it was for my younger self. During this session I was able to intervene in the situation and see what I needed at that moment. I was then allowed to give this to myself during the session. I was able to get the most out of that and it made me feel relieved.


“I can manage my thoughts easier now”

The worrying is not gone 100%, but I can manage my thoughts easier now. At the beginning of treatment, I used thought charts. Now I don’t actually have to write down the thoughts anymore. As soon as I notice that something is bothering me, I take a break and take a look at what is happening. When I have a lot of thoughts, I can say to myself “stop for a moment, is it realistic what you are thinking right now?”. I can now turn it around in my mind and let it go. This mindset has really become a part of me.


“The online therapy stimulated me to stay engaged with my process” 

I really liked having a physical treatment on location one week and online the next. I am someone who can easily drop out. The online part gave me the push to continue. To do the assignments anyway. I could always ask for help if I needed it. I got a lot out of the online therapy and experienced it as real support. Online therapy stimulated me to stay engaged with my process.


“I can let go of things easier now and I have more focus” 

I feel very good now. I am calmer and I can let go of things more easily. I also have more focus. Before, I couldn’t concentrate well because I was constantly thinking. The calmness is the biggest result. My friends and family also notice that I am calmer. I can now accept a situation as it is.


“During the treatment I was able to be completely myself”

My psychologists thought with me about how I could do things differently and really wanted to help me. I also liked the fact that nothing was weird or crazy. I could be myself completely. This was very important to me and really helped normalise my struggles.


“Help does more good than you think”

Have you been experiencing anxiety for a long time and are you worrying so much that it affects your daily life? Ask for help! Asking for help is actually a very small thing and I think too few people do it. While taking the help does more good than you think. When you take that step and you are very eager to change yourself, things can happen very quickly.


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