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Personal story Maria
Maria, 45, had been suffering from anxiety symptoms for 14 years. Several times a day she checked herself for illnesses. The great fear of becoming il...
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Personal story Whesley
Whesley, 29, often felt unwell. At first he thought it would go away on its own, but decided to see a psychologist after multiple panic attacks at wor...
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Personal story Tessa
Tessa, 18, came to iPractice for anxiety symptoms that she was experiencing after her final exams in high school. She had previously been in treatment...
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Personal story Sandra
Sandra, 66, has been struggling with her mental health since she was 24. The combination of frequently moving to different countries, an unpleasant re...
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Personal story Luc
Luc, 26, felt extremely down and no longer derived pleasure from anything. He no longer had confidence in the people around him and everything was ver...
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Personal story Kim
Kim, 24, had been suffering from anxiety and ruminating thoughts for some time. These were affecting her daily life. The thoughts and anxiety were...
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Personal story Lisanne
Lisanne, 23 and a student in Groningen, had a very unpleasant sexual experience several years ago. She was sexually abused. She struggled for a long t...
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Personal story Emma
Emma, 25, felt completely disconnected from her surroundings at times during her graduation. She didn’t know exactly what it was, what it was ca...
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