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Anxiety disorder

Client stories about an anxiety disorder

Have you been experiencing anxiety symptoms for a while now? On this page you will find stories from clients who experience difficulties with anxiety. They share how treatment at iPractice helped them to get rid of their anxiety symptoms. Our clients share their personal stories and hope to inspire you to trust your own strength and master the fear.


The personal stories also give you an insight into the treatment methods of iPractice. Every person is unique, so is the treatment. It is always tailored to your personal needs. We hope these stories of experience will give you an insight into what you can expect from our treatments.
Experiences related to Anxiety Disorder
Personal story Maria
Maria, 45, had been suffering from anxiety symptoms for 14 years. Several times a day she checked herself for illnesses. The great fear of becoming il...
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Personal story Emma
Emma, 25, felt completely disconnected from her surroundings at times during her graduation. She didn’t know exactly what it was, what it was ca...
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Personal story Kim
Kim, 24, had been suffering from anxiety and ruminating thoughts for some time. These were affecting her daily life. The thoughts and anxiety were...
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Personal story Tessa
Tessa, 18, came to iPractice for anxiety symptoms that she was experiencing after her final exams in high school. She had previously been in treatment...
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Personal story Whesley
Whesley, 29, often felt unwell. At first he thought it would go away on its own, but decided to see a psychologist after multiple panic attacks at wor...
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