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Cliënt stories about depression

Are you experiencing sadness and have you been feeling sluggish for a while? On this page you will find stories of clients who came to us for help. They share how treatment at iPractice helped them with their depression. Our clients share their personal stories and hope to inspire you to trust your own strength.


Thanks to the personal stories, you also get a look into iPractice’s treatment methods. Every person is unique, so is the treatment. This is always tailored to your personal needs. We hope these stories of experience will give you an insight into what you can expect from our treatment.

Experiences related to Depression
Personal story Luc
Luc, 26, felt extremely down and no longer derived pleasure from anything. He no longer had confidence in the people around him and everything was ver...
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Personal story Sandra
Sandra, 66, has been struggling with her mental health since she was 24. The combination of frequently moving to different countries, an unpleasant re...
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Personal story Tessa
Tessa, 18, came to iPractice for anxiety symptoms that she was experiencing after her final exams in high school. She had previously been in treatment...
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