Client stories about EMDR

Have you recently been diagnosed with PTSD or experienced a traumatic event? EMDR is a common form of therapy. On this page you will find stories from iPractice clients and how EMDR has helped them recover and process trauma, PTSD or other related symptoms.


These experiences, directly from our clients, are not only their personal stories but also a source of inspiration. They honestly demonstrate how EMDR therapy and your own solution-focused approach can help improve mental and emotional well-being.


In these stories, you will get a glimpse into how EMDR works and how different people have found their own path to recovery. It’s important to know that everyone has their own path. Everyone experiences it differently and everyone deals with their needs for help differently. The stories here may help you or give you an idea of what to expect. Your own experience will always remain unique.
Experiences related to EMDR
Personal story Maria
Maria, 45, had been suffering from anxiety symptoms for 14 years. Several times a day she checked herself for illnesses. The great fear of becoming il...
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Personal story Lisanne
Lisanne, 23 and a student in Groningen, had a very unpleasant sexual experience several years ago. She was sexually abused. She struggled for a long t...
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Personal story Sandra
Sandra, 66, has been struggling with her mental health since she was 24. The combination of frequently moving to different countries, an unpleasant re...
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