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Long Term Effects of PTSD


How does PTSD affect your daily life and health? And what are the long term effects and hazards?

What Are the Effects of PTSD?

PTSD has various consequences, including a range of symptoms. You become anxious and you’re constantly on your guard against danger that’s no longer present. You relive the event over and over again, which means you start to avoid people and places. 

In addition to the symptoms that post-traumatic stress disorder causes, it also has long-term effects. The longer that PTSD lasts, the worse the symptoms often become:

  • As your psychological symptoms get more intense, you become more and more isolated. 
  • You remain stuck in the past, terrified of re-experiencing the thing that happened. 
  • You find it increasingly difficult to maintain relationships. There may be friction within your family. 
  • You may find yourself arguing with relatives and people at work. 
  • It’s also possible to experience physical symptoms and health problems as a result of PTSD. You could suffer from heart palpitations or hyperventilation. 
  • You might also turn to self-harm.
  • Abusing alcohol and drugs is another possible consequence of PTSD.

With the right treatment, you can make a good recovery from PTSD


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    PTSD can be treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and/or EMDR. Your treatment will be tailored to you and your symptoms. With the right treatment you can make a good recovery from PTSD. Click here to learn more about treatments for PTSD.

publish-icon Published - 11 Jun 2021
The effects of PTSD have an affect on your entire life, so talking about it is essential.
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