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Manage an anxiety disorder


When you experience a lot of anxiety, it can affect your daily life. An anxiety disorder is well treatable with therapy. You can learn to deal better with your anxiety thoughts. In this article you will read how to deal with your anxiety symptoms.

How do you live with anxiety?

When you live with an anxiety disorder, it affects your daily life. It can affect you in your relationships, social contacts but also at work. Anxiety leads, among other things, to avoidance behavior with the result that you undertake less. Fear of failure is also an anxiety disorder. Being afraid of making mistakes and not achieving what you actually want to do.


An anxiety disorder is not nice, but you can do a lot yourself to deal with it better. The advice below can help you with this. Do you continue to experience anxiety symptoms? Then treatment for anxiety symptoms at the psychologist can help you.


What can you do?

These practical tips are a great place to start:


  • Move more
    Exercise is good for both body and mind. By moving more, you get more energy, sleep better and experience a better mood. Next time, take the stairs instead of the elevator and ride your bike instead of your car.
  • Go outside
    Do you have the option of exercising outside? Combine these first two tips for faster results. Not possible? Getting some fresh air also helps, it’ll take your mind off things.
  • Eat healthy food
    Pick out fruits and vegetables that seem tasty to you with the goal of eating more of them. For example, swap an unhealthy snack for a piece of fruit and drink a vegetable smoothie instead of a glass of beer, wine or other alcoholic beverage.
  • Talk about it
    You can deal with anxiety better when you share it with others. Talk to family, friends and your partner.
  • Get enough sleep
    Make sure you get enough sleep. Unplug the television in the bedroom, put your smartphone on the charger outside the room and go to bed at a set time from now on.
  • Learn to relax
    Do you struggle to relax? Delve into mindfulness. It helps you focus, combats insomnia and helps you cope better with an anxiety disorder.


More information

Dealing with your fears can be a big change. Do this in steps that suit you and possibly with the help of a psychologist.

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    Have you tried many things yourself and still experiencing symptoms? Feel free to call us at 085-1308900 or contact us online. This way you can feel if there is a click and if you feel comfortable.

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    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most common therapy for anxiety disorder.

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    Is a loved one experiencing anxiety symptoms? Or would you like to know how to better cope if your partner is experiencing anxiety symptoms? This advice can help you and your partner or loved one with an anxiety disorder.

publish-icon Published - 23 Apr 2021
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