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Lolita is online psychologist at iPractice. Lolita believes that it’s important for her clients to feel heard and experience a safe space to talk about everything that is going on in their lives. Together you will try to figure out where complaints are resonated from and what brought them about. At the same time your strengths will be assessed as well, and by doing so we will work through the roots of positive psychology to strive for more resilience and strength. By doing so we will work towards your treatment goals together and it often shows that the way towards those goals in itself already has much learning values!

During her education Lolita has specialised in sexology. She did her internship at the Amsterdam UMC at the sexology and gynaecology faculty. She has gained work experience as a psychologist working with complaints such as anxiety, depression, relationship problems, negative self-image, rumination and loneliness. She also has a bachelors degree in theatre studies which comes in handy while partaking in role play during therapy sessions.

Lolita is fluent in both English and Dutch thanks to her bilingual upbringing (American/Dutch).

Lolita has studied psychology in America (bachelor), has a bachelors degree in theatre studies and has done the master clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam.