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iPractice in Utrecht offers expert psychologists to help you with everyday challenges. You can quickly find a psychologist to address your needs and work with two psychologists, both online and in person. Struggling to find a solution on your own? We’re here to assist you. Contact us or speak directly to one of our professionals;

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Common symptoms we treat

Our psychologists in Utrecht can assist with symptoms such as low self-esteem, chronic worrying, emotional exhaustion, and problems with emotion regulation. If these symptoms have been impacting your daily life for an extended period, seeking help is a wise decision. Below, you will find an overview of the symptoms we treat.

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Waiting times

At iPractice, we strive to get everyone in for an intake within 2 weeks. After the intake you do not have to wait and you can immediately continue your treatment.


The waiting time in Utrecht is ~ 3 days.


The above waiting time is the waiting time until the first pre-intake interview with one of our psychologists. After the intake phase you can proceed directly with your treatment.


For the pre-intake we ask you to fill in an online questionnaire, so our psychologists can help you already in the first conversation.

Meet our psychologists in Utrecht

marielle van der meer ipractice psycholoog
Mariëlle van der Meer
anne-aimee blacquiere ipractice psycholoog
Anne-Aimée Blacquière
anne cuijpers ipractice psycholoog
Anne Cuijpers
monique zeinstra ipractice psycholoog
Monique Zeinstra

Read reviews from our clients

(Translated by Google) Had a very nice experience. Fortunately, there are physical appointments in collaboration with a platform to be able to have daily contact. (Original) Erg fijne ervaring gehad. Gelukkig wel fysieke afspraken in samenwerking met een platform om ook dagelijks contact te kunnen hebben.
I Was referred to them by my GP . They told first they will assess and then they will decide whether treatment can be provided by them and the treatment charges will be only if they begin treatment. They have preintake and intake and then they refused stating they are not capable of taking care of treatment . After two months they send two invoices which means I am paying for just meeting them and which was contrary to what they stated when I visited them in beginning . I do not know whether they are running scam of charging money as I think one meeting is enough to judge that and provide wrong information also
(Translated by Google) Besides the fact that the request for help is already difficult and that they came up with solutions, they did not see a possible burnout coming. Last session it was clear that it was said that it was nice to talk to me…. But I think I came with a request for help and something happened that was completely recognized. (Original) Naast dat de hulpvraag al moeilijk is en dat ze met oplossingen kwamen, zagen ze een mogelijke burn-out niet aankomen. Laatste sessie was duidelijk dat er gezegd werd dat het leuk is om met mij te praten…. Maar volgens mij kwam ik met een hulpvraag en gebeurde er iets wat totaal onderkend werd.

Common treatments

Our psychologists commonly use the following treatment methods: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and solution-focused therapy. For example, Sanne Truijen, a consultation room psychologist, utilizes ACT to treat symptoms such as depression, grief, and stress. Behavioral therapy is sometimes combined with solution-focused therapy.


Solution-Focused Therapy

In solution-focused therapy, the emphasis is on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems. You get straight to the point: what would be the solution for you? This approach avoids over-analyzing your issues, and you work together with the psychologist to address your challenges.

If another form of treatment might suit you better, you can find a complete overview of our treatments below. Together with a psychologist, you can determine which treatment is best suited to your symptoms.

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Quality Assurance of iPractice Psychologists

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iPractice Utrecht is rated at ZorgkaartNederland.

ZorgKaart Nederland is the largest independent experience platform in healthcare. iPractice continuously improves its services with the valuable feedback from its clients.

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What about costs and insurance?

If you live and work in the Netherlands, you are required to arrange health insurance.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to find out together with you.

Frequently asked questions

How does therapy with 2 psychologists work?

At iPractice, we use “Blended Care. Blended Care means that you always work in a team with a consulting psychologist for in-depth discussions and an online psychologist for approachable contact and support.

Can my partner come to my sessions?

Yes, there is the possibility of involving a partner, family, friends or other loved ones. You will discuss this with your psychologist at the start or during your treatment.

Is the venue wheelchair friendly?

No, the venue is not wheelchair friendly.

How does iPractice handle personal data?

iPractice uses the Wire secure platform which documents the progress of your treatment. It is also used for your weekly conversations with the online psychologist.

Can I come back to iPractice in the future?

Sure. We review whether iPractice is appropriate for your symptoms. If not, we will support in the referral.

Where can I park my car?

You can park your car near our practice.

I have another question, where can I turn to?

Is the answer to your question not listed here? Check out our answers to general frequently asked questions here. Still haven’t found the answer to your question? Please contact us using the contact form below.

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