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Treatment results


iPractice offers both face-to-face and online treatment focused on leveraging your resilience and positivity. Together with a team of psychologists, we work on your needs for an optimal treatment effect in a short period of time.

In Short Time the Best Treatment

Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • A clear treatment plan with concrete goals;
  • Measurement of symptoms and well-being at the beginning, during and after treatment;
  • Transparent communication about the effect of and satisfaction with the treatment, and adjusting the treatment plan if necessary.


Symptoms and well-being

iPractice uses validated questionnaires, also called Routine Outcome Measurement (ROM), to measure symptoms and well-being. A ROM measurement takes place every 3 to 5 sessions. These measurements provide insight into the effect of treatment and help in deciding whether to modify or complete the treatment plan. At the end of treatment, the questionnaires are administered again to evaluate the effect achieved and to determine whether you can continue to work independently towards your goals.


Effectivity and Treatment duration

iPractice compares its treatment results and duration with other providers. This comparison shows that iPractice is very effective: clients make a great improvement per session. This ensures a high quality of care and short waiting times.


Delivery of ROM data to AKWA GGZ 

To continuously improve care processes, iPractice asks clients’ permission to provide anonymized data to Akwa GGZ. This collaboration helps to continuously improve the quality of care.


Client satisfaction (CQI) 

We communicate openly and transparently about what you can expect at iPractice. iPractice uses the CQi (CQ index Mental Health and Addiction Care version 5.1) to measure client satisfaction and experiences. All clients are invited to participate in this, and the results are evaluated annually to make improvements. In 2023, clients gave iPractice an average of 8.4.


Client appreciation

The ZorgkaartNederland website provides a platform where clients can share experiences with healthcare providers. After your treatment, we invite you to leave a review on Zorgkaart Nederland. If necessary, with permission, iPractice will contact clients to learn from their experiences. All iPractice locations are connected to Zorgkaart Nederland.


More information

Do you have questions about our treatment results? Feel free to call us at 085-1308900 or contact us online.

publish-icon Published - 13 Jun 2024
We communicate openly and transparently about what to expect at iPractice. iPractice uses the CQi to measure client satisfaction and experiences. In 2023, clients gave iPractice an average of 8.4.
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GZ-Psychologist Nine Gramberg

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