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Quality Assurance


At iPractice, we are constantly working to improve our care processes. We do this by continuously measuring the effectiveness of our treatments. In addition to measuring our quality of care, we also measure client satisfaction. Read more about our quality assurance here.

Vision of care

iPractice psychologists offer client-friendly and approachable care for people with mental health issues. Our treatments focus on your resilience. In addition to reducing your complaints, we strive to see your positive sides, use them and where necessary to further develop them. In this way we promote your well-being, in addition to reducing your symptoms. We use various evidence-based treatment methods, including solution-focused therapy and (positive) CBT.
In addition, we use the possibilities of the latest and self-developed technology to support you and our psychologists. We motivate you to practice new behaviors daily. In addition, “we practice what we preach.” We thereby increase the resilience and positive attitude to life of our clients and each other.


In our provision of care, we adhere to the following principles:

  • We communicate transparently and clearly so that clients know where they stand at all times;
  • We provide high quality care by well-trained caregivers based on scientific evidence or professional consensus;
  • We continuously measure the quality of our care and client satisfaction and, if necessary, adjust our care processes;
  • We collaborate with external healthcare providers, for example, general practitioners or specialists, if we do not have the necessary expertise in-house;
  • We take good care of our caregivers so that they can take good care of our clients.


Quality Statement

Psychologists at iPractice work in a customized manner, focusing on the request for help and using applicable professional guidelines. Within this working method there is room for psychologist and client to decide together and tailor the treatment to the needs of each unique client. Thus, we optimize the quality of care for each client while maintaining our treatment vision. The therapists are considered competent to tailor the care to your needs. In addition, psychologists can consult with colleagues in the MDO or at any other time.


iPractice has established its quality guidelines in a Quality Statement.


The quality statute describes the way iPractice has organized care for clients. The tasks, responsibilities and powers of the care providers are defined as well as their mutual relationships. The care is organized in such a way that the quality and efficiency are transparent and verifiable.


Measuring outcomes, client satisfaction and continuous improvement

In order to gain insight into clients’ needs, complaints, suffering and well-being, iPractice uses validated questionnaires. You complete these questionnaires before, during and after your treatment. The outcomes of the questionnaires are discussed with your psychologists. In this way you also get insight into the progress of your treatment.


In addition to measuring our quality of care, we also measure client satisfaction. We work with client surveys and discuss the outcomes to make further improvements. These CQi outcomes are also discussed with the Client advisory board. Clients can also share their experiences through ZorgkaartNederland.nl and Google Review. 


iPractice does regular research on proper record keeping. In this way, we ensure that records are in order according to legal guidelines and agreements made with health insurers.


Quality Mark KiBG

iPractice is proud bearer of the Quality Mark for Short-term Generalistic Mental Health Care of the foundation Kwaliteit in Basis GGZ. iPractice is also affiliated with EMDR association Netherlands. Our therapists are BIG registered and many of our psychologists are members of specialized associations/professional associations, such as the NIP, the EMDR vereniging Nederland and VGCt.


Information security personal data

Within our operations, iPractice creates and processes personal data. We take this extremely seriously and strictly monitor the adequate security of this information. iPractice is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.


Samenwerking met partners

iPractice is a nationwide healthcare provider. Care is provided at one of our locations and digitally via chat and video call connection. We work together with general practitioners, POH-ggz’ers, crisis services and specialized institutions to ensure the best possible scaling up and down of care.


More information

Do you have questions about our quality assurance? Please contact us at 085-1308900 or online via this contact form.

publish-icon Published - 14 Jun 2024
We continuously measure the quality of our care and client satisfaction. If necessary, we adjust our care processes.
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