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Client Advisory Board


iPractice values client input in the continuous improvement of our services. The client advisory board helps with this by giving us solicited and unsolicited advice on improvements. Always from the perspective of clients.

Client Advisory Board

Topics on which the client advisory board provides input and advice include:


  • Communication about waiting times;
  • Provision of information to clients;
  • Treatment by psychologists;
  • We also discuss the results of our ongoing quality measurements.



Also, do you have a suggestion for improvement? Then send a message to clientenraad@ipractice.nl.

The client advisory board does not handle individual complaints. That is the job of the complaints officer. If complaints are common, the client council can review them and make suggestions for improvement.


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publish-icon Published - 13 Jun 2024
iPractice values your input to continually improve our care. The client advisory board helps us with this.
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