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Making mental health accessible to all who need it

iPractice makes mental health care accessible to everyone who needs it. Every day we are committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients. We also contribute to sustainable, accessible psychological care in the Netherlands with our effective and solution-oriented treatments.

Our treatments focus on resilience. In addition to reducing your symptoms, we focus on developing your positive aspects and finding solutions. Positive behavioral change occurs on the basis of new insights and their application. Therefore, during treatment we let you actively practice with the knowledge you gain.

What can you expect?

Treatment at iPractice

What to expect?

An 8- to 16-week
programme tailored
to your needs

Based on
scientific theories

discussions with a
healthcare psychologist

Personal online
coaching from a

In our treatments, we combine the power of in-depth conversations in the consultation room with daily practice online of what you’ve learned. We call this Blender Care; care with 2 psychologists.

You have 24/7 access to our secure chat environment to share your emotions.

Our waiting list is short because we automate as much as possible behind the scenes. That way our psychologists have more time for you!

Our care

Our care

The team

The succes of treatment is largely determined by the cooperation between client and psychologist.

All our psychologists are registered in the applicable registers for their profession. For example: NIP, LVVP, NVO, LVE, NVvP, VGCT and the Nederlandse Vereniging EMDR

Our therapists encourage each other to continue to learn and develop and take refresher courses. Do you have any preferences? The registration team can help you match you needs to the right psychologist.


A selection of our certified psychologists

simone das dores ipractice psycholoog

Simone das Dores

Clinical psychologist

Psycholoog Nine Gramberg iPractice

Nine Gramberg


Psycholoog Iris Mirande iPractice

Iris Mirande


Psycholoog Milou Groenewoud iPractice

Milou Groenewoud


Psycholoog Lotte Hendriks iPractice

Lotte Hendriks


carlos hoogenboom ipractice psycholoog

Carlos Hoogenboom



Eline van Groeningen



Tanner Scheltinga


Would you rather have the support of a professional?

Contact one of our psychologists today without obligation. You can talk about your feelings and symptoms and get information about a suitable treatment programme for you.